Involvement of Group’s Members in National Project

Project CEEX – MATHYS (2006‐2008) Developing experimental and numerical models for characterization of magnetic materials with hysteresis Member Project CEEX – MAGSAT (2005‐2008) Multifunctional materials for hybrid sensors, actuators and transducers

Project CEEX – ESMMN (2005‐2008) Surface effects in nanostructured magnetic materials

Project CEEX – QUANET (2005‐2008) Quantic simulator for nanometric semiconductors

Project CEEX – SINERMAT (2005‐2008) Developing new concepts, technics and abilities based on synergic method of new and advanced materials, micro and nano structured materials

Project CEEX – SMMA (2006‐2008) Physical process in amorphous wires used in magnetic sensors

roject CNCSIS tip 2007‐2008 RELSWITCH Magnetic relaxation and commutation in

nanoparticles systems

Project CNCSIS tip Research platform AMON 2006‐2008 Integrate platform for

advanced study in molecular nanotechnologies

Project PNII – CAPACITIES – KARMA Static and dynamic characterization of magnetic moment in nanostructured media

Project PNII – CAPACITIES – FEM Romania‐Hungary Modeling the hysteresis and applications

Project PNII ‐ HIFI (2008‐2011) CNMP: 589/D1 01.10.2008 Nanostructured systems for applications in high frequency devices

Project PNII ‐ NANOPART (2007‐2010) Cobalt ferrite nanoparticles surfactated / nonsurfactated and biocompatibilized for medical application

Project PNII – NAN OBIODET (2007‐2010) 11‐072‐2.2/18.09.2008 Deflection systems based on metallic multilayered for biomedical applications

Project PNII ‐ NANOMAT (2008‐2011) 78‐186 / 2008 Magnetic materials nanocomposite enhanced by exchange interactions Member

Project CNCSIS tip A Consortium nr. 27693/2005 (NANOCONS) Fundamental and applicative researches in the field of multifunctional materials

Project CNCSIS tip A nr. 33373/2004 Study of the magnetization process in nanostructured and ultrahigh density recording media

Project CERES 4‐65/2004 Magnetization process in nanostructured materials with high permeability

Project CERES 4‐234/2004 ‐ 2006 magnetization process in nanopowders of transition metals and their alloys

Project MATNANTECH – DEFAZOR 2004‐2006 Thin films multifunctional materials nanostructured with controlled ferroelectric properties

Project CNCSIS CONSMEMF 2006‐2008 Interdisciplinary consortium for investigation of multiferroic systems with magnetolectric coupling

Project FEROCER 2006‐2008 Integrated developing of new concepts and technologies in synthesis, chracaterization and modeling

Project CEEX – NANOEND 2005‐2008 Automatic system for nondestructive examination of components by using nanostructured magnetic sensors

Project CERES Investigation of microscopic mechanism of structural and magnetic phase transformation in bulk amorphous materials with discontinuous structure

Project CERES 2001 Investigation of magnetization process and magneto transport phenomena in nanometric wires array

Project CERES 2001 Study of the superficial magnetization process in nanostructured and amorphous ferromagnetic materials

Project CNCSIS 2002 Mixt models (micromagnetic – phenomenological) of magnetization process in ferromagnetic granular systems . Standard problems. Vectorial static models

Project 2001 Mixt models (micromagnetic – phenomenological) of magnetization

process in feromagnetic granular systems . Standard problems. Scalar / Static models.

Project CNCSIS 2000 Study of magnetization process in granular ferromagnetic media