Welcome to LMAT


LMAT brings together researchers in various stages of professional development: from highly experienced researchers to PhD, M. Sc. and B. Sc. students. Areas of interest are closely related to technological and medical applications of nanostructured materials as multiferroic, composites based on magnetic materials.

Nanostructuresmay exhibit extraordinary properties that meet a wide range of applications. Knowing and understanding the phenomena that confer functionality to the nanoparticles, patterned  media and very thin films  is the main concern of researcher working at LMAT

Magnetic nanoparticles are of particular interest for biomedical application such as single molecule
detection, drug release or magnetic hyperthermia treatment. We are interested in nanoparticle sintesis, fine tuning of surface coating materials for functionalization and biocompatibilization but also in modeling of heating mechanisms implied in hyperthermia.